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2009 Testimonials - Course 1E: Resarch and Evaluation in the NGO Sector

What participants said about this course:

"This course met my expectations. I had very limited knowledge of certain aspects of research and evaluation, for instance qualitative methods. I feel that now I can look at research and evaluation as whole integrated steps and not isolated."

"I am constantly using my new and developed skills in my workplace. I am now able to refer to specific tools, or review the materials to ensure I provide the proper leadership or mentorship."

"I found that all my expectations were satisfied during the course, course literature, assignments, feedback and input were all of high value, pertinent to the course outline and well thought out."
"The course has actually increased my knowledge of data collection techniques, statistical analysis, survey design and planning, result presentation and so on."

"Course literature, assignments, feedback and input were all of high value, pertinent to the course outline and well thought out."

"I found the reading material quite useful. I would have appreciated more practical exercises as in the early stages of the course as I found it a useful way to apply the learning."

"The course readings were adequate and provided the necessary references to answer all my questions."

"I found the course readings to be on the easy side, but fully appropriate to the topics at hand. I appreciated having the extra readings and did read some of them."

"The contributions from other participants were very enriching and provided the opportunity to look at issues from different perspectives."

"The weekly discussions provided opportunity for a deeper analysis of the issues under discussion and helped me to further readings and research on the topics."

"The assignments were very helpful in enabling me to take critical view of issues assigned."

"I enjoyed the weekly exercises as you receive feedback at each level before proceeding to this next. This made it easier to reflect on what has been taught and link it with other titles. I also like the flexibility of the Course. This meant that we could fit the course into my busy schedule of work and family life. I think it is a great understanding of part-time study and distance-learning, that some allowance is given for students to catch up in the course for weeks they missed."

"The instructor was very responsive to questions raised and provided useful and adequate feedback that enhanced the learning process. She was knowledgeable in all topics of the course."

"I am feeling honored to be a student of HREA course and also being a student of [name of course instructor]. She has shown all her dignity by treating all students equal. I appreciate the equity with which she has treated us all."

"The chat sessions should be increased to three from two. The sessions can be improved if participants were asked to submit issues for discussion during the session in advance. This would give direction and flow of the chat so that each issue raised is discussed in sequence with guidance from sessionís facilitator. Each participant would be able to give inputs on issues raised."

"The chat sessions perhaps could have been guided by more facilitation. I understand that they were intended to be participant-directed, but a greater level of facilitation might have encouraged more, and more substantive, participation."

"Technical aspects were well designed and feedback on difficulties were tackled immediately when they were raised."

"I anticipate that I will be able to better contribute to developing work plans for research and evaluation studies in the future. This is a frequent part of our work. I also anticipate that I will be able to use the skills from this course in writing proposals to outside funders for funding for research and evaluation studies."

"I have already found that the course has helped me in designing and implementing a fairly large evaluation project (ongoing), as well as forwarding my own research. I expect to apply the course throughout all consultancies that I will be seeking through my consultancy firm."



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