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2008 Testimonials - Course 6E: Project Development and Management in the NGO Sector

What participants said about this course:

"The course met my expectations very well. It was a very useful experience to practice knowledge and skills in the areas of
budgeting, logframe and work breakdown schedule."

"It was my first online course and I took it just to test the waters. It actually encouraged me to do more courses on line. It gave me a clear understanding of project management and what it entails."

"The course gave me the insights I needed and I’m very satisfied with the results."

"The Project Development and Management in the NGO Sector Course came in handy to fill very useful gaps in my experience in project development and management. The course provided me with appropriate answers to my shortcoming in the field and gave me the opportunity to put tools and notions into immediate practice."

"The course very well met my expectations in project development and management and I must confess that I have just been offered a new position as Project Delivery Manager in a Justice Sector Project."

"[Met expectations] very well! Particularly I found really useful the very well detailed didactic material and chats with [the instructor]. I have also appreciated the well structured course and professional approach."

"Through this course I have gained how to use and apply effectively the standards and project management best practices by NGos. The course has improved my knowledge on how to develop a body of project management and tools appropriate to NGos Sector. Through forum discussion, I have shared with other course participants, their skills, knowledge and experience, management tools, procedures and system to lead people and partners in complex ever-changing implantation."

"This is a very well planned and organized course. How much you benefit is wholly dependent on how much you put into it. I feel I gained a lot from the course and greatly enjoyed engaging with others and learning from their experiences."

"The course did meet my expectations to some extent. On the one hand, the course is very practical and adapted to the main issues on management. On the other hand, I would have expected more academic materials to be read and studied. If I compare with the course I followed last year (international humanitarian law), I found that readings and studies were missing a little. Probably this is linked to the topic of the course which is more day-to-day work."

"The course has met my expectations in a greater way. It was the mix up of both practical and theoretical blending."

"As a M&E point person in my Organization, the course helped me to understand more the cycle of a project and I have been able to increase my knowledge on detailed activities. Working on exercises especially the work breakdown structure was a good experience which will help me in my job."

"The course really met my expectations by letting me know more about things I thought I would not understand clearly through on-line education."

"By enrolling in this course, my expectations were to know how to efficiently conceptualize, develop and manage a project and produce measurable results which can have an impact on my clients’ lives. This course has given me the theoretical elements needed to conceptualize, develop, manage and monitor a project. Besides, through the various assignments, this course has given me the opportunity to put into practice what I have learnt."  

"Taking into consideration that I had not to much experience and knowledge in NGO management, I can say that this course met my expectations at 100%."

"As a whole, the course is very useful for those who have not too much experience in designing and implementing projects in the non-profit sector. Moreover, I believe even those could benefit from it who have extended experience in development projects. The price is reasonable, the content is satisfying, the instructor is very good and knowledgeable. Thank you for the good work!"

"Well, since I have been finished the course,” Project Development andmanagement in the NGO sectors” I feel comfortable in my work for managing project activities. I gained from the course lot of knowledge about project development and its running in the NGO sector and also I have obtained genuine experience from the participants as well. So really, I almost met what I expected from course."

"This course  met my expectation well. The reading materials are and will always guide me, not only to answer the instructors questions, but also as future reference during my work as a project officer. The forum discussions were enriching since they enable one to sample different points of view and also know how different people in different countries tackle similar problems. The instructor had an excellent mastery of content and commented on all my assignments."

"Very well indeed! There was a complete match between my expectations before the start of the course and what was actually provided to me during the course."

"The course not entirely met my expectations. Although the reading and exercises met my expectations the only aspect that didn’t meet all my expectations was that individual feedback was not provided for all exercises."

"I think that the course covered all the objectives exposed in the syllabus. For me this course was something new, a field that I never explored, so I gained a lot about project life cycle, the role of the project manager and how to conclude a project, and I really hope that the skills that I achieved will help me in my future career."

"I am glad that I participated in this course; it has broadened my knowledge in project development and management. I am now more empowered to pass on this specialized knowledge to others and also utilize it in my duty as a project manager. The class instructor and other facilitator are wonderful."

"I have actually learnt a lot on project development and management and the learning system has been very convenient. In fact, I have acquired knowledge on all areas I have worked in project management. What I would have needed a bit more are examples from real projects. Otherwise, I must say that the course achieved what intended to in my point of view."

"It was an enriching and interesting experience. I learnt a great deal from other course participants and some of their comments helped me gain a better understanding of my team members in my current project."

"The course topics have been systematically selected and orderly categorized."

"Topics were well focused and structured, it made me identify all areas I need to improve."

"Very well structured material useful to design a new project proposal."

"The course readings were good in general."

"Useful readings and well organized."

"The facilitators did their best to provide us enough readings in order to better understand and learn about the project development and  management in the NGO sector. All the reading materials were very helpful, providing enough examples and illustrations, which enabled me to fulfill the course assignments."

"Course readings needed more than the allotted time of reading, and fitting amount of time is important, but they were outstanding and covered all needs in the field of project management and development."

"The course readings were put together in a professional way that is easy to comprehend."

"I felt that the course reading didn’t answer all my questions, I consulted some other resources that were sometime more in depth. Although I really appreciated the added documents with examples for frameworks, etc."

"Weekly discussions have been very interesting to me as they have helped me to learn from others in order to improve my work in the future."

"[Weekly discussions were] the most helpful part of the course."

"Interesting discussions, especially people’s experiences at their work place."

"I think that the weekly discussions on the forum with other participants opened another perspective on this course. I really found those discussions very interesting, useful and helpful and I enjoyed talking with other course participants."

"Weekly discussion of the certain topics was most interesting, because lot of participants have taken part in it who have more experience and told each other their ideas or opinions, so I have gained from them further knowledge and experience they contribute to the other participants, it was great and enjoyable, especially for junior project managers like me."

"The weekly discussions have been very useful and interactive, though some course participants send in their contributions very late which in most cases could not be seen as negligence but rather attributed to job schedules."

"I really have learnt a lot from others comments, this was one of the most useful parts of the course. It gathered so much experience ‘around the table’ that certainly anyone could benefit from it."

"[Discussion forums] for me was the highlight of the whole course. Reading everybody’s views and above all, [the instructor’s] wonderful summary of each one’s ideas was very enriching!"

"For me the weekly questions were very important for me. Also because everyone was working with different kind of projects, and therefore everyone had a different way of doing things."

"The weekly discussions were interesting and related to the topic of the week. It gave me  more insight on that topic because to participate in the discussion I had to read more about it as I have limited work experience."

"Practical written assignments Were very useful."

"The assignments had an appropriate level of difficulty and required a certain amount of time, but due to the fact that all of them were clearly explained by the instructor and we were provided with enough readings, the assignments helped me to apply the achieved knowledge."

"On the whole, the assignments helped me practicalize the course content by reading the materials and applying these through assignments."

"For me it was a little disappointing to not get personal feedback on all the exercises, as the general feedback was good, I sometimes didn’t feel confident if I had done it well or not."

"The written assignments were well planned and covered the course material appropriately."

"I think that the online chat sessions provided us opportunities to share ideas with other participants and enhanced my learning in the course, although sometimes I had some technical issues (network problems) which gave me a hard time in following the discussions."

"The chat sessions were necessary as these gave a sense of community participation though there were some technical hitches in the first session."

"Differences [between participants] gave me the opportunity to build different perspectives and stimulated my thinking."

"Contributions of other participants have been very interesting to me as they have helped me to learn from others and give also my own opinion."

Good contributions [in discussion forums]. I enjoyed the classes due to the participants."

"I greatly enjoyed this aspect and looked forward to hearing other peoples valuable contributions and perspectives."

"In my opinion, the contributions of other participants are more aimed at sharing experience than at helping their classmates better understand the course."

"The contributions of the other participants were helpful, for me they were stimulating and made me to understand completely that week’s lesson."

"Most [discussion forums] were very interesting and varied and enriched my understanding. It also made me appreciate the difficult conditions in which many of them were working."

"Very professional and helpful approach [by instructor]."

"Good instructor. I enjoyed being her student. She was very helpful every time I needed her."

"[The instructor was excellent and her weekly feedback always pulled peoples comment together in a really concise way. The only addition as I mentioned above is perhaps comments on each assignment."

"The instructor has really created an atmosphere which stimulated learning and was always responsive to difficulties and questions that I had, the provided feedbacks were helpful and I hope that the achieved skills will help me in the future."

"The instructor of the course was kind person and understood every aspect about the learners and the course itself."

"The instructor was quite good and in charge of the course. She is well versatile in the field of project development and management."

"I was very satisfied with the course instructor. Apparently she is very experienced both in theory and practice. Furthermore she could pass her knowledge on very efficiently, partly through well pointed comments."

"[The instructor] was wonderful. But it would have helped if we had been provided with feedback on the activities and task exercise as well."

"[The instructor] was great in (quickly) responding questions and giving feedback in a motivating and encouraging way."

"[The instructor] was very positive, encouraging and responsive throughout the course. She summarized the discussions of all the participants very well and made certain things clearer or referred to the points not mentioned by anyone."

"Excellent support and all worked very smoothly."

"The course website worked very well and I always had access to learning materials.".

"I think that the course website is excellent! It’s easy to use and thus very accessible."

"The technical side of the course worked very well throughout except for the problem during the first chat session, which then had to be rescheduled."

"In the first months of this year I will have to structure and to design several project proposals and now it will be much more easy to realize this task and assure the quality."

"I am already putting elements of the course into practice in my job as a regional project coordinator. I will share the experience with the National Project Coordinators that I manage in 10 African countries at trainings, workshops and in developing their work plans."

"In my next mission, I will be project coordinator for a project which is closing and I will try to focus on topics such as team management (identify and support team roles), project monitoring and communication."

"I do believe that your course is appropriate to develop a good work plan and project structure as well."

"The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing I should do when undertaking any kind of project. Often project planning is ignored in favor of getting on with the work. However, from the course I have been informed that many people fail to realize the value of a project plan in saving time, money and many problems.So, I will continue my improvement by using a professional project planning using the results of the course." 

"It has given a fruitful thought to further my thinking for any good project at the future. With light of this course I have recently developed a project in my Army that is 'Health ID Project for the Armed Forces Personnel'."

"Our organization is now developing proposals. With the knowledge I gained from the course, I will be able participate actively, provide inputs for good proposals."

"This course will firstly be applied to my present job. The project is ending in September 2009, and this course has taught me about concluding a project. I will also particularly use it to develop a detailed project proposal."

"I have learnt several new skills and am currently developing a work plan and sitting on a risk management committee. The course has come in useful in both these respects."

"I currently work as a Program Officer within a UNICEF country Office.  My work mainly consists in providing assistance to governmental and non-governmental partners in developing and managing projects.  In this regard, throughout the year 2009, I will be assisting UNICEF partners in organizing training events, in developing and implementing their organizations’ work plans, in monitoring the implementation of their respective projects…"

"I am sure that I will apply and I have been applying the course within my workplace. For instance, Defining project activities, writing statement of work, Estimation of the resource requirements, Preparing “detailed” project plan, and dealing with risk and uncertainty, which I was interesting very much. Techniques for supporting team members, Evaluation is also very interesting. And lot of things that I can not mention all here."

"The knowledge gathered from this course will enable me manage my NGO very effectively. Having equipped me with the knowledge of especially dealing with risks and uncertainty, I plan to organize training workshops so as to disseminate some of this knowledge to my fellow country men and women. As you know there are no training colleges in Somalia. I am certain that having known the role of project officer I will be of more value to my organization now than before. I will be able to perform my duties more diligently."



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