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Facilitation manual: A guide to using participatory methodologies for human rights education (Amnesty International, London, 2011). Language(s): English, French, Italian, Polish, Slovenia, Spanish.

Human rights education at Holocaust memorial sites across the European Union: An overview of practices (FRA – European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Luxembourg, 2011). Language(s): English.

Discover Human Rights: A Human Rights Approach to Social Justice. Training Manual (Emily Farell and Madeline Lohman, Minneapolis, 2011). Language(s): English.

Promoting Rights in Schools: providing quality public education (Right to Education Project and ActionAid, Johannesburg, 2006). Language(s): English, French.

Our Right to be Protected from Violence: Activities for Learning and Taking Action for Children and Young People (Susan Fountain, New York, 2007). Language(s): English.

Human rights education in non-formal settings: Lessons learned from the Rights Education Action Programme (Amnesty International, London, 2010). Language(s): Arabic, English, French, Malay, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish.

Resources for Human Rights Education 2: Using Games, Films and Role-Playing: A Practical Guide from the EMHRN Summer School 2008 (Nour Hemici, Monica Grunfeld Rius, Hiba Heneini, Issa Amro, Copenhagen, 2010). Language(s): English.

Sierra Leone’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission and Special Court: A Citizen’s Handbook (Paul James-Allen, Sheku B.S. Lahai, and Jamie O’Connell, Freetown and New York, 2003). Language(s): English.

Protecting Ourselves and Each Other: A Child Rights and Protection Resource with stories, poems, and drawings by children living in Western Uganda (Bantwana Initiative and FXB - Uganda, Kampala, 2010). Language(s): English.

Ben ni walen: Mobilising for human rights using participatory theatre (Cristina Sganga and Teun Visser, Amsterdam, 2005). Language(s): English.

Participatory Gender Analysis: A tool to promote gender equity within the Union. Guidelines for Facilitators (AFM Amir Uddin, Asma Khanom, Matthias Boss, Melanie Martin, Prashanta K. Tripura, Tirtha Sarathi Sikder, Dhaka, 2009). Language(s): Bangla, English.

We Have Human Rights: A human rights handbook for people with disabilities (Harvard Project on Disability, n.p., 2008). Language(s): Chinese, English, Spanish.

Equal Opportunities for All: Respecting the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (Disabled Peoples' International North America and the Caribbean, n.p., 2008). Language(s): English.

It's your right! (Human Rights and Equality Opportunity Commission and Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES), Sydney, 2009). Language(s): English.

Doorways II: Community Counselor Reference Materials (United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington, DC, 2009). Language(s): English.

Doorways II: Community Counselor Training Materials on School-Related Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response (United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington, DC, 2009). Language(s): English.

Monitoring Children's Rights: A Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations (Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children, Ottawa, 2003). Language(s): English.

Human Rights and Service-Learning: Lesson Plans and Projects (Kristine Belisle and Elizabeth Sullivan, New York and Cambridge, MA, 2007). Language(s): English.

Child-Headed Households & Human Rights: A capacity-building guide (Charlotte Hulley, Mosley Lebeloane, Muzi Tshabalala and Dorothy Khosa, Johannesburg, 2006). Language(s): English.

Joined Up - Developing Good Relations in the School Community (Nichola Lynagh & Mary Potter, Belfast, 2005). Language(s): English.

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