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Women's Rights in Muslim Communities: A Resource Guide for Human Rights Educators (Equitas and Direktorat Jenderal HAM Departemen Hukum Dan Hak Asasi Manusia, Montréal, 2009). Language(s): English.

A Guide to Using the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa for Legal Action (Equality Now, n.p., 2011). Language(s): English, French.

Democracy and the Challenge of Change: A Guide to Increasing Women's Political Participation (National Democratic Institute, Washington, DC, 2010). Language(s): English.

Primer on Women's Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (The International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, International Women’s Rights Action Watch – Asia Pacific, and the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions , Geneva, 2010). Language(s): Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish.

Strategies for Policymakers: Bringing Women into Government (Tobie Whitman, Jessica Gomez, Washington, D.C., 2009). Language(s): English.

CEDAW Implementation and Reporting: A Training Tool for Pacific Island Countries (United Nations Development Fund for Women, n.p., 2007). Language(s): English.

CEDAW Briefing Kit (United Nations Development Fund for Women, n.p., 2008). Language(s): Bahasa Indonesia, English.

CEDAW and the Reporting Process to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women: A Guide for UNICEF Field Staff (UNICEF Division of Policy and Practice, New York, 2009). Language(s): English.

Handbook for legislation on violence against women (United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, New York, 2009). Language(s): Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish.

UNFPA at Work: Six Human Rights Case Studies (UNFPA, New York, 2008). Language(s): English.

Human Rights-Based Programming: What It Is / How to Do It (UNFPA, New York, 2006). Language(s): English.

Claiming Rights, Claiming Justice: A Guidebook on Women Human Rights Defenders (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law, and Development, Chiangmai, 2007). Language(s): Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Thai.

Equal and Indivisible: Crafting Inclusive Shadow Reports for CEDAW (International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, n.p., 2009). Language(s): English.

It's your right! (Human Rights and Equality Opportunity Commission and Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES), Sydney, 2009). Language(s): English.

Training Manual on Gender Budget Analysis (Development Initiatives Network, Lagos, 2006). Language(s): English.

CEDAW Made Easy: Question & Answer Booklet (Tina Johnson, Christ Church, 2004). Language(s): English.

Advancing Gender Equality – Using CEDAW and UN Security Council Resolution 1325. Training Manual for Gender Equality Advocates (UNIFEM Regional Project 'Women for Conflict Prevention and Peace-Building in the Southern Caucasus', n.p.). Language(s): English.

CEDAW and the Human Rights Based Approach to Programming: A UNIFEM Guide (Lee Waldorf, with research by Christine Arab and Menaka Guruswamy, New York, 2007). Language(s): English.

Women's Human Rights: A Manual for Education & Action on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (Women’s Rights Network, Wellesley, MA, 2003). Language(s): English.

Addressing the Problem: Training Materials on Trafficking in Women (Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, 2003). Language(s): English.

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