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Basic Introduction to Human Rights and Rights-Based Programming (CARE Human Rights Initiative, n.p., 2001). Language(s): English.

From Poverty to Dignity: A Learning Manual on Human Rights Based Development (Jerald Joseph, Aye Aye Win, Heemstede, 2007). Language(s): English.

Women's health and human rights: Monitoring the implementation of CEDAW (Department of Reproductive Health and Research, World Health Organization, Geneva, 2007). Language(s): English.

Making MDGs Work for All: Gender-Responsive Rights-Based Approaches to the MDGs (Lorraine Corner, n.p., 2008). Language(s): English, Khmer.

UNFPA at Work: Six Human Rights Case Studies (UNFPA, New York, 2008). Language(s): English.

Human Rights-Based Programming: What It Is / How to Do It (UNFPA, New York, 2006). Language(s): English.

Strengthening Engagement with the International Human Rights Machinery (UN Human Rights Policy Network, n.p., 2008). Language(s): English, French, Spanish.

Mobilising Communities on Young People's Health and Rights: An Advocacy Toolkit for Programme Managers (Family Care International, New York, 2008). Language(s): English.

Education Rights: A Guide for Practitioners and Activists (Kate Newman, Johannesburg, 2007). Language(s): English, Spanish.

Rights-Based Approaches: Learning Project (Jude Rand and Gabrielle Watson, Boston, 2008). Language(s): Arabic, English, French.

Your Right to Education: A Handbook for Refugees and Displaced Communities (Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, New York, 2007). Language(s): English, French, Arabic.

UN Common Learning Package on Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) (UN Working Group on Training of the Action 2 interagency Task Force, New York, 2007). Language(s): Arabic, English.

Frequently Asked Questions on a Human Rights-based Approach to Development Cooperation (Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, New York and Geneva, 2006). Language(s): Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish.

Human rights guidance note for humanitarian coordinators (UN Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), 2006). Language(s): English.

Child Rights Situation Analysis (Save the Children Regional Office for Southeast Asia and Pacific, Bangkok, 2008). Language(s): English.

A Human Rights Approach to Development: Primer for Development Workers (Amparo Tomas, 2005). Language(s): English.

Rights in practice - assessing the impact of rights-based training in Uganda (Pamela Ashanut Okille, London/New York, 2005). Language(s): English.

Indicators for Human Rights Based Approaches to Development in UNDP Programming: A Users' Guide (New York, 2006). Language(s): English, French.

Statement on a Common Understanding of a Human Rights-Based Approach to Development Cooperation (Stamford Interagency Workshop on a Human Rights-Based approach in the Context of UN Reform, Stamford, 2003). Language(s): English, French, Spanish.

What is the 'rights-based approach' all about? Perspectives from international development agencies. IDS Working Paper 234 (Celestine Nyamu-Musembi and Andrea Cornwall, Brighton, 2004). Language(s): English.

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