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Human Rights Education in Primary and Secondary School Systems: A Self-assessment Guide for Governments (OHCHR and UNESCO, New York and Geneva, 2012). Language(s): English.

That’s Not Fair! (Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust, 2012). Language(s): English.

Becoming a Human Rights Friendly School: A guide for schools around the world (Amnesty International, London, 2012). Language(s): English, French, Spanish.

Human Rights Education in Formal Education: Lessons Learned from the Rights Education Action Programme (Amnesty International, London, 2010). Language(s): English.

Human Rights Education in the School Systems of Europe, Central Asia and North America: A Compendium of Good Practice (HREA, OSCE/ODIHR, Council of Europe, OHCHR and UNESCO, Warsaw, 2009). Language(s): English, French, Russian.

Children’s rights: A series of lesson plans for children ages 8-10 (Oxfam GB). Language(s): English.

It's About Ability: an explanation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Victor Santiago Pineda et al, New York, 2008). Language(s): English, French, Spanish.

Water and Sanitation for All: Bringing the Issue Home. Lesson Plans for Elementary School Teachers (Amy Prince, 2008). Language(s): English.

Values and Human Rights in the Curriculum: A Guide (Department of Education, Republic of South Africa, Pretoria, 2005). Language(s): English.

Compasito: Manual on human rights education for children (European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, 2008). Language(s): English, French, Russian.

Illustrated version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Frans Limpens and Margarita Nava, n.p.). Language(s): Spanish.

Exploring Children's Rights: Lesson sequences for primary schools (Rolf Gollob and Peter Krapf in co-operation with Emir Adzovic, Strasbourg, 2006). Language(s): English.

Child Soldiers (Helen Finken, Iowa City, 2004). Language(s): English.

Hazardous Child Labor (Lois Crowley and Marlene Johnson, Iowa City, 2004). Language(s): English.

Child Slavery (Beverly Witwer, Iowa City, 2004). Language(s): English.

A Guide for School Management to the Human Rights Act 1998 (Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Bangor, 2003). Language(s): English.

K-12 Human Rights Education in Idaho. Suggested Lessons (Les Bock and Dan Prinzing, Boise, Idaho, 2003). Language(s): English.

Citizenship Education -- Alternative Curriculum for Upper Elementary Level (Jana Ondrácková, Prague, 1995). Language(s): English.

Celebrating Human Rights with Children and Teens: An Annotated Bibliography (Youth Services/Calgary Public Library, Calgary, 2000). Language(s): English.

It's About Me and Human Rights (Jaan Tõnisson Institute, Tallinn, 1997). Language(s): English, Russian.

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