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Online Forum on Citizen Advocacy and Human Rights Compliance

Online Forum on Citizen Advocacy and Human Rights Compliance (source: Euronews)Cambridge, 25 November 2011 -- The Global Citizens' Initiative (TGCI) and HREA are co-sponsoring an online Forum on Citizen Advocacy and Human Rights Compliance from November 28-December 9, 2011. The focus of the Forum will be on what citizens can do to ensure that human rights policies and practices of countries and corporations are in alignment with international agreements, commitments and treaties.

The Forum will provide opportunities for TGCI and HREA network members to learn more about the international human rights framework and discuss the roles that concerned individuals and NGOs and other civil society organizations can play in ensuring their protection, realization and promotion. The Forum will use a guided discussion format involving expert presentations and facilitated conversations among participants. Our goal is to help participants organize advocacy, outreach and education and training efforts in support of human rights.


28 November - 2 December 2011

Topic 1: International Human Rights Framework and Human Rights Compliance

- how extensive/comprehensive is the human rights framework?
- what are areas/issues/problems that are not protected by the international and regional human rights frameworks?
- what about non-state actors such as corporations? Do they have to abide by international agreements, treaties?
- how about realization of human rights at the country level (your experience, practice)? What is the situation in your country, your community?

5 - 9 December 2011

Monday, 5 December @ 9 am New York time (14h00 GMT/UTC): Webinar on the international human rights framework

Topic 2: Citizen Advocacy

How do we hold governments and international institutions and actors accountable? How do we close the compliance gap? Discussion about possible strategies:
- using UN human rights mechanisms
- litigation
- outreach & mobilisation
- awareness-raising and education


Every Monday participants receive a "facilitation" message with questions regarding that week's topic. At the end of each week, the week's discussion is summarized and shared with all Forum participants for additional comments. The organizers intend to utilitize the discussion as a basis for developing a primer on human rights and citizen advocacy.


To participate in the Forum, you must register to become a member on The Global Citizen's Initiative website at Membership is free—When you complete your membership you will receive a confirmation message after which you will be able to login to the TCI home page. After you have logged in, please click-on Human Rights Forum. For further information or questions please contact:



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