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Chronological listing of courses offered in 2014 and 2015

HREA offers self-directed e-courses, tutored e-learning courses and training workshops for human rights defenders and educators, development and humanitarian workers, staff members of social justice organisations, international and inter-governmental organisations, law enforcement officials and legal and media professionals.

Rapid (self-directed) e-courses:

Introduction to International Humanitarian Law
Droits de l'enfant
Human Rights in Europe
Droits des réfugiés et des personnes déplacées
Rights of the Child
Rights of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

Chronological listing of all tutored e-learning courses offered in 2014 and 2015

February-April 2014 (First term):

Forced Eviction and Housing Rights (29 January-11 March 2014)
Gender-based Violence (29 January-11 March 2014)
Gender Mainstreaming (Gender Equality-Advanced Course) (29 January-15 April 2014)
Human Rights Litigation (29 January-11 March 2014)
Monitoring & Evaluation in the NGO Sector (29 January-11 March 2014)
The Right to Education (29 January-11 March 2014)
Forced Migration (5 February-18 March 2014) NEW!
Child Rights Programming (5 February-22 April 2014)
Child Protection (5 February-18 March 2014)
International Humanitarian Law (Foundation Course) (26 February-8 April 2014)
Use of ICTs and Social Media for Human Rights Work (26 February-13 May 2014)
Human Rights Fact-finding and Reporting (5 March-15 April 2014) NEW!
Labour Migration in a Globalised World: Obtaining Rights, Development and Governance (19 March-29 April 2014)
Corporate Social Responsibility (2 April-13 May 2014)
Environment and Human Rights (2 April-13 May 2014)
Gênero e Direitos Humanos (Curso básico) (2 Abril-13 Maio 2014) NOVO!

May-July 2014 (Second term):

Ciudadanos e Incidencia: Incidencia Política para Avanzar los Derechos Humanos (30 de abril-15 de julio 2014) ¡NUEVO!
Human Trafficking and Smuggling (30 April-10 June 2014)
Mainstreaming de Gênero (Igualdade de Gênero-Curso Avançado) (30 Abril-15 Julho 2014) NOVO!
Health and Human Rights (7 May-17 June 2014)
Monitoring & Evaluation in the NGO Sector (7 May-17 June 2014)
Gender and Human Rights (Foundation Course) (14 May-24 June 2014)

Project Cycle Management (14 May-24 June 2014)
International Human Rights Law (Foundation Course) (21 May-1 July 2014)
Women, Peace and Security (21 May-1 July 2014)
Indigenous Peoples' Rights (4 June-15 July 2014)
Child Rights Situation Analysis (2 July-12 August 2014) NEW!

1st Annual Environment and Human Rights Course & Field Visit in Costa Rica (19 March-29 April and 2-7 June 2014) NEW!
4th Annual Indigenous Peoples' Rights Course & Field Visit in Costa Rica (4 June-15 July and 4-10 August 2014)
Advocacy Institute 2014 (Cambridge, 5-8 August 2014)

September-October 2014 (Third term)

Children's Rights (Foundation Course) (27 August-7 October 2014)
Child Rights Programming (3 September-18 November 2014)
Citizens and Advocacy (Advanced Course) (3 September-18 November 2014)
Gender and Transitional Justice (3 September-14 October 2014)
Gender Mainstreaming (Gender Equality-Advanced Course) (3 September-18 November 2014)
La Programmation axée sur les droits de l'enfant (3 septembre-18 novembre 2014)
Human Rights in Humanitarian Action and Disaster Relief (Foundation Course) (3 September-14 October 2014) NEW!
Monitoring & Evaluation in the NGO Sector (3 September-14 October 2014)
Psychosocial Consequences of Migration and Asylum (3 September-14 October 2014)
Child Participation (10 September-21 October 2014)
Development and Human Rights: Implications for the Globalised World (17 September-28 October 2014)
Digital Security and Privacy (17 September-14 October 2014) NEW!
Gender and Humanitarian Action (17 September-28 October 2014)
The United Nations Human Rights System (17 September-28 October 2014)
Election Observation (1 October-16 December 2014)
Human Rights-Based Programming (1 October-16 December 2014)
Introduction to Human Rights Education (1 October-16 December 2014)
Transversalización de Género (Igualdad de Género-Curso avanzado) (1 de octubre-16 de diciembre 2014) ¡NUEVO!

October-December 2014 (Fourth term)

Armed Conflict, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (29 October-9 December 2014)
Child Safeguarding (29 October-9 December 2014)
Children in War and Armed Conflicts (29 October-9 December 2014)
Education in Emergencies (29 October-9 December 2014)
Gender-based Violence (29 October-9 December 2014)
Health and Human Rights (29 October-9 December 2014)
Monitoring Women's Rights (29 October-9 December 2014)
Promoting Migrant and Refugee Integration (29 October-9 December 2014) NEW!
Business and Human Rights (5 November-16 December 2014)
Effective Leadership for Humanitarian Action and Social Change (5 November-16 December 2014) NEW!
Genre et droits humains (Cours de base) (5 novembre-16 décembre 2014) NOUVEAU!
International Human Rights Law (Foundation Course) (5 November-16 December 2014)
Monitoring & Evaluation in the NGO Sector (5 November-16 December 2014)
Project Cycle Management (5 November-16 December 2014)
Resilience, Humanitarian Action and Human Development (5 November-16 December 2014) NEW!
Utilisation des TIC et des médias sociaux (5 novembre-16 decembre 2014)

February-April 2015 (First term):

Children's Rights (Foundation Course) (28 January-10 March 2015)
Migration and Asylum (Foundation Course) (28 January-10 March 2015)
Citizens and Advocacy (Advanced Course) (28 January-14 April 2015)

Data Collection and Analysis for Project Monitoring and Evaluation (4 February-3 March 2015) NEW!
Child Rights Programming (4 February-21 April 2015)
Use of ICTs and Social Media for Human Rights Work (25 February-12 May 2015)
International Humanitarian Law (Foundation Course) (11 February-24 March 2015)
International Tribunals, World Courts and Human Rights (11 February-24 March 2015)
Human Rights Fact-finding and Reporting (4 March-14 April 2015)
Gender and Human Rights (Foundation Course) (11 March-21 April 2015)
Monitoring Children's Rights (4 March-14 April 2015)
Corporate Social Responsibility (18 March-28 April 2015)
Human Rights and Transitional Justice (18 March-28 April 2015)

May-July 2015 (Second term):

Children's Rights (Foundation Course) (29 April-9 June 2015)
Citoyens et le plaidoyer (29 avril-14 juillet 2015)
Gender mainstreaming (Egalité de genre-cours avancée) (29 avril-14 juillet 2015) NOUVEAU!

September-October 2015 (Third term)

The Right to Education (3 September-13 October 2015)

November-December 2015 (Fourth term)

Children's Rights (Foundation Course) (28 October-8 December 2015)
Forced Migration (28 October-8 December 2015)

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