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DARE seminar on using technology in education for democracy

Amsterdam, 26 April 2004 -- The recently established Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE) Network concluded its first year of activities with a very successful seminar for its members on information and communication technologies (ICTs). Staff members from HREA, Anywize, D@dalos, Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek, Sonnenberg Kreis e.V., and VORMEN facilitated hands-on workshops on effective use of search engines, e-learning, web design, possibilities of using ICTs in education, hate on the Internet, e-democracy, and "netiquette", among other topics.

HREA's Deputy Director Frank Elbers facilitates workshop on e-learning
During the seminar, which took place in Budapest (Hungary) from 22-24 April, HREA's Deputy Director Frank Elbers facilitated workshops on e-learning and web design. He also presented the first templates of the DARE website; maintenance of the website is one of HREA's responsibilities in the network.

HREA is represented on the Board of DARE and will be organising a European conference on the UN Decade for Human Rights Education in December as part of DARE's activities.







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