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Conversation about human rights crisis in Darfur

Cambridge, 30 April 2005 -- HREA organised and on-line conversation on 27 April about the human rights crisis in Darfur. Over 50,000 people are believed to have been killed and thousands of others have died as a result of hardship and disease since the conflict in Darfur erupted over two years ago. Systematic human rights abuses have been committed by all parties involved in the conflict, but primarily by the Sudanese government and government-backed Janjaweed militia. Over 1.5 million civilians have been internally displaced by the conflict and 200,000 have sought refuge in neighboring Chad.

Abderrahim Sabir, Senior Programme Associate for the Middle East/North Africa
In a day-long "chat session" (10:00-22h00 GMT), Abderrahim Sabir, HREA's Senior Programme Associate for the Middle East/North Africa, answered question from HREA volunteers and course participants about the latest developments in the severe human rights and humanitarian crisis in Darfur. Mr. Sabir just returned from a 7-month mission as coordinator of the UN human rights monitors in Darfur.

The full text of the on-line conversation about the human rights crisis in Darfur is available on-line.





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