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On-line Global Forum

Cambridge, 26 September 2005 -- From 29 September-5 November 2005 an On-line Global Forum on the relation between human rights education and other "educations" is taking place on the Global Human Rights Listserv. The Global Human Rights Education listserv is an on-line community on which over 3500 human rights defenders and educators from 160 countries share new resources, methodologies, strategies and lessons learned.

The topic will be the position of human rights education (HRE) vis-Ó-vis other "educations", such as education for democratic citizenship, peace education and global education. Like in earlier "on-line fora" we will focus the discussion on a specific topic and invite members to address this in-depth.

HREA has previously organised three on-line fora on the Global HRE List that provided crucial input into the policy making process at the United Nations. The first time HREA organised an on-line forum was in July-August 2000, around the mid-term evaluation of the UN Decade for HRE. The follow-up to the UN Decade was the topic of an on-line forum in 2002, and the draft World Programme for HRE topic was the focus of the June-July 2004 forum. The latter was the first time that the discussion took place on the Global HRE List and the six regional HRE lists simultaneously, in partnership with the Asia-Pacific Regional Resource Center for Human Rights Education (ARRC), Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies,
Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos (IIDH), Moscow School for Human Rights and l'Union Interafricaine des Droits de l'Homme (UIDH). We are very pleased that we can once again facilitate a truly global conversation on a human rights topic of key interest. Participate in the discussion.




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