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People at HREA

International Advisory Committee

HREA Board

Larry Dieringer (USA), Treasurer
Frank Elbers, Executive Director (The Netherlands/USA)
Andre Keet (South Africa)
David Lysy (USA)
Brenda Matthis (USA), Secretary
Stephanie Mitchell (USA)
Judith Opert Sandler (USA), Chair
Ana Marķa Rodino (Argentina/Costa Rica)

International Advisory Commitee

Carlos Basombrio (Peru)
Asma Khader (Jordan)
Jana Kviecinska (Slovakia)
Michal Levin (Israel)
Frans Limpens (Mexico)
Abraham Magendzo (Chile)
David McQuoid-Mason (South Africa)
Aaron Rhodes (Germany)
Arild Tjeldvoll (Norway)
Felice Yeban (Philippines)

HREA Staff

Gretchen Alther, Fellow, Human Rights in Humanitarian Action and Disaster Relief
Corey Barr, Program Associate
Jasmin Blessing, Fellow, Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
Steven Courchesne, Program Manager, Distance Learning Program
Frank Elbers, Executive Director
Sophie Feintuch, Operations Coordinator
Minnie Halpern, Network Administrator
Paul McAdams, Senior Program Associate
Adele Poskitt, Program Associate
Felisa Tibbitts, Founder and Senior Advisor
Kathryn Vandever, Director of Programs
Nathaniel Weisenberg, Training Coordinator


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