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HREA Child Protection Training Programme 2014-2015 acrobat (PDF)

HREA Gender Equality Training Programme 2014-2015 acrobat (PDF)

Curriculum & Materials Development and Technical Assistance
HREA provides technical assistance in programme development and the creation of curriculum and text-based materials. These resources are designated for use by students and educators in a variety of educational settings. Specific tasks can include the sharing of exemplary resources, assistance in the conception of content and formatting of texts, details on methodological approach, guidance in field testing materials, and writing and editing. Current projects

Distance Learning Programme
HREA organises short, specialised courses via distance education for human rights advocates and educators, staff of social justice organisations, and development professionals. HREA's courses typically involve 60 hours of reading, on-line working groups, assignments, and regular interaction with students and the course instructor and facilitator(s). Courses are offered over a three-month period. They are based on a participatory, active learning approach with an emphasis on peer-to-peer learning. The instructors are highly experienced practitioners from human rights organisations around the world. Upcoming courses

Clearinghouse and Resource Centre
HREA publishes human rights learning materials, research reports, and directories and serves as a clearinghouse for human rights education and learning materials. More information

Distributed Learning Programme for Human Rights Defenders
In 2006 HREA started a new long-term training programme for human rights defenders based on a "distributed learning model". The programme is based on the realisation that the ideal learning model involves hands-on training, time for reading and reflection, group work, an extended engagement in the learning process, mentoring and the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills in a real-life situation and receive support and feedback. Distributed learning is an instructional model that allows instructor(s), students, and content to be located in different, non-centralised locations so that instruction and learning can take place independent of time and place. More information

Human Rights Training Programme
HREA organises training workshops and courses for a range of professionals groups, including human rights defenders, teachers, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officials, social workers, health professionals, and journalists. Upcoming trainings

Networking Human Rights Defenders and Educators
Human rights advocates and educators benefit enormously from the expertise of others. HREA seeks to support this sharing of new ideas, exchange of materials and resources and networking between educators and human rights professionals. Current activities

Research & Evaluation and Policy Development
Research and evaluation of programming are key to improving services in the human rights field. Potential areas of investigation include programme development, trainings, materials usage, and impact on learners. HREA assists organisations in self-study and also serves as an independent evaluator. HREA also offers a distance learning course on Monitoring & Evaluation in the NGO Sector. Current projects

Service Learning Programme
Service learning combines classroom learning with active participation in a project that is conducted in the community. Participating agencies can include a middle school, a high school, an institution of higher education and/or community-based organisations. Service learning fosters civic responsibility and is integrated into and enhances the academic curriculum of the learners. HREA partners with schools and communities in bringing human rights to service learning. Current activities

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