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Human Rights Education Film Launched at UN Office in Geneva (Soka Gakkai International News, 26 September 2012)

OSCE/ODIHR launches new human rights education guidelines for law enforcement officials and secondary schools (OSCE News, 24 September 2012)

“A Path to Dignity: The Power of Human Rights Education” (OHCHR News Story, 20 September 2012)

Human Rights Education Shows Its Potential (Inter Press Service, 20 September 2012)

SGI Holds Interdisciplinary Roundtable Discussion on Education and Learning at Rio+20 (SGI News, 22 June 2012)

Mission to Darfur (GateHouse News Service, 19 July 2007)

Human rights organizations to launch joint long-term training program for young human rights activists in the Arab world (Daily Star Egypt, 27 September 2006)

'Small' Schools Aim to Improve Students (The Guardian, 10 March 2006)

Una escuela en Nueva York tiene una misión poco corriente (Associated Press, 10 March 2006)

Another R: New York school has an unusual mission (Associated Press, 19 February 2006)

Code de la famille : rôle de la médiation dans les procédures de réconciliation (Le Matin, 11 February 2006)

Deutschsprachiger Online-Kurs zur Menschenrechtsbildung (German Commission for UNESCO, 12 January 2006)

Human Rights firm in Philanthropy Catalogue (Concord Journal, 22 December 2005)

Studie naar vooroordelen in schoolboeken in Marokko (OneWorld, 9 December 2005)

HREA and HREA's partner The School for Human Rights featured by Amnesty International-USA (Article 26, October 2005)

What's Being Done On . . . Human Rights Networking?: HREA (DemocracyNews, April 2005)

Human Rights in Modern Day America (The Mass Media, 14 April 2005)

Demystifying Human Rights: An Introductory Course For Educators (Amnesty International USA, April 2005)

"Was fehlt, ist eine kohärente europäische Policy zur Menschenrechtsbildung" [short audio interview in German with HREA Deputy Director Frank Elbers] (audio:link, 17 March 2005)

An NGO’s website on EDC that we like… (Council of Europe, 11 February 2005)

The Power of Technology for Human Rights: Event Nov 5-7 (ifPEOPLE, 3 November 2004)

HREA in Catalogue for Philanthropy (Catalogue for Philanthropy, November 2003)

Human Rights Org. hosts on-line chat (Boston Herald, 20 November 2003)

International human rights experts to speak at the University of Iowa (University of Iowa, 11 October 1999)


HREA is one of the leading organisations worldwide dedicated to education and training in human rights. Each year HREA trains hundreds of educators, lawyers and human rights monitors around the world.

For further information, please contact:
Frank Elbers, Executive Director. Tel: +1 617 301-4303. 



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