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Information for Human Rights: New EUMAP / HREA Call for papers

Budapest/Cambridge, 6 September 2004 -- - in collaboration with HREA - is seeking articles and opinion pieces on the most topical and important issues regarding information and human rights. We invite papers on the general topic of information for human rights, and on specific uses of information to defend and promote human rights. Comparative analyses and examples of specific good practices are particularly welcome. The papers could address one of the following suggested topics:

  • Contemporary information resources. Electronic resources, in particular the Internet, have become perhaps the most important resource for information and documentation about human rights. What are the most useful or novel resources on human rights currently available? What are the advantages or disadvantages of electronic information sources, over more "traditional" sources of information? How can we assess the quality of data available on the Internet?
  • Education, learning and training. No advocacy without education! Many organisations and institutions promoting human rights use the power of new media, particularly the Internet, to educate people about civil and human rights issues and the rights of vulnerable groups. What learning portals on human rights currently exist? Are there examples of best practices in using CD-ROMs; e-learning courses; and other new IT applications to train human rights defenders; policy makers; law enforcement officials; lawyers; or citizens?
  • Management of information. What do we do with this flood of information for and about human rights? Is there now simply too much (poor quality) information to deal with effectively? What are the benefits and drawbacks of such an unlimited flow of information? How best to manage electronic information to advance human rights goals? Examples of best practices on managing and using information for human rights would be particularly welcome here.
  • Human rights and the information society. Various UN and civil society agencies met in Geneva last year at the first World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). Although human rights were on the agenda, many activists felt that this important topic received only marginal attention. How important, then, are human rights within in the emerging information society? How can human rights issues be prioritised? Do European institutions and citizens have a specific role to play here?

    Quality papers will be featured on the EUMAP's website ( with the intention of framing and encouraging debate on this issue. Papers in English should be between 1,500-2,000 words. Accepted authors will receive an honorarium of EUR 200. Papers should be submitted by 15th October 2004. Please send your papers to Contact person: Alphia Abdikeeva.




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