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HREA launches Global Human Rights Education Network

Cambridge, 19 February 2008 -- Today HREA officially launched a new network. The Global Human Rights Education Network is an information and advocacy network that promotes learning and training in the field of human rights. Membership is open to all organisations that support the principles and values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and are involved in education and training activities promoting the human rights framework. The online application form for the Global HRE Network can be found at

The Network was inspired by the vibrancy of the informal network of educators and trainers who participate in the Global Human Rights Education listserv as well as regional listservs of partners in Asia, Africa, Arab-speaking countries, Latin America and Russian-speaking countries. With the launch of the Global HRE Network, HREA intends to formalise this informal network, that is constituted by over 10,000 individuals and organisations engaged in human rights education worldwide, and thus strengthen the global human rights education movement.

The objectives of the Global HRE Network are:

  • To promote information sharing among membership
  • To support the sharing of good practice in carrying out education and training activities
  • To advocate for human rights education and training in all sectors, as called for in the United Nations World Programme for Human Rights Education.

In promoting these objectives, the Global HRE Network will ask members to commit to sharing resources and experiences. A public Directory of organisations that have joined the network will be made available on the Web. Members will receive annually an updated, electronic version of this Directory of the Global Human Rights Education Network.





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