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2004 Alumni Research & Evaluation in the NGO Sector (1E04)

Tina AARVOLD (University College London, United Kingdom)
Elizabeth BJORNSTOL (Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, Norway)
Eugene BOBKOV (AIDS Foundation East-West, Russian Federation)
Pascal BOKKERS (IKV, The Netherlands)
Ernesto Jorge Quicabo CASSINDA (YMCA, Angola)
Susan FOUNTAIN (UNESCO Associated Schools Project, USA)
Undral GOMBODORJ (Democracy Education Center, Mongolia)
"Mira" Ermira LINA (Albanian Center for Human Rights, Albania)
Deborah LISI-BAKER (Vermont Center for Independent Living, USA)
Nathalie LOSEKOOT (Amnesty International-International Secretariat, United Kingdom)
Stephen MALIMBA (WorldVision, Uganda)
Zuzana OCENASOVA (Open Society Foundation Bratislava, Slovakia)
Con Omore OSENDO (Transparency International-Kenya)
Geta POPOVICI (Civic Education Association of Romania, Romania)
Shiv RAYAMAJHI (United Mission to Nepal, Nepal)
Liljana RIHTER (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Work, Slovenia)
Karin SALCHEGGER (Village Hermann Gemeiner Academy, Austria)
Benita SUWELACK (Asylum Access Forum, Germany)
Nino TAVADZE (The Urban Institute, Georgia)
Elma TERSHANA (Albanian Center for Human Rights, Albania)




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