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2002 Alumni Research & Evaluation in the Human Rights Field (1E02)

Judith Oder AKOT (Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa, The Gambia)
Manuel de ARAUJO (Amnesty International, UK)
Mustafa Abdel BAQI (Institute of Law - Birzeit University, Palestinian Authority Territories)
Joseph CHICKWEMBA (Youth Net and Counselling, Malawi)
Kevin CHIN (Canadian Human Rights Foundation)
Zama COURSEN-NEFF (Human Rights Watch, USA)
Federica DONATI (UNICEF, India)
Nancy GARCIA VAZQUEZ (UNESCO Chair Human Rights, Mexico)
Shailendra GURAGAIN (Center for Victims of Torture, Nepal)
Richard GRINDELL (Immigration Advisory Service, UK)
Renate HEUBACH (Polish Social Council, Projekt Zapo, Germany)
Carlos HUERTAS SANCHEZ (Support Group for Displaced People's Organizations - GAD, Colombia)
Henk HULSHOF (United Nations Development Program, Honduras)
Meak MARIN (Cambodian Institute of Human Rights)
Joella Leigh MARRON (Human Rights Trust of South Africa, Zimbabwe)
Agnieszka MARTYNOWICZ (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Poland)
Annet MEEUWS (Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights, Palestinian Authority Territories)
Anh NGUYEN (Australia)
Dian NOESWANTARI (Center for Human Rights Studies, Universitas Surabaya, Indonesia)
Pamela RODNEY (Southern Africa Human Rights NGO Network, Botswana; Guyanese national)
Edgar ROSERO (Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies, Philippines)
Syed SADIQ AHAMAD JILANI (The Indian Law Institute, India)
Katarina STARONOVA (Open Society Foundation Bratislava, Slovakia)
Irina TSOY (Young Lawyers of Kyrgyzstan)

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