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2004 Testimonials - Course 1E: Research & Evaluation in the NGO Sector

What participants said about this course:

"Although I found some of the readings very difficult they were all extremely useful."

"The readings were very careful chosen and adapted to our needs."

"The readings were appropriate and very relevant to my job needs."

"The course readings were excellent. Estimated amount of time for reading was not sufficient for course participants who do not speak English as their mother language."

"Some topics were covered sufficiently (evaluation, process oriented evaluation, surveys), in some cases I would prefer more detailed information (research methods, qualitative methodology) but I understand that it is difficult to adopt the level to participants' knowledge and expectations."

"[The instructor's] summing up notes every week were also very useful."

"I particularly enjoyed the group exercise both because we cooperated well and because it was a chance to learn something about topics I was not too familiar with before (statistics and refugees). I found all the exercises difficult because there were so many considerations that had to be made, but extremely rewarding afterwards when they were finished."

"I think that most of the participants did well during the course, without seeing other participants comments there would have been a lot of problems and aspects about research that I would not have thought about on my own. A couple of final projects were extremely good and I will keep them as examples of how research can be conducted."

"The exercises and the written assignments were well in line with each other."

"The written assignments helped to enhance the acquired knowledge."

"I've learned a lot from the others participants and I liked very much their professional approach and I'll try to apply in my work some of this knowledge and experiences."

"The participants were an interesting lot, very enthusiastic and hence encouraging. However, due to time constraints, I could read through all their responses in appropriate time."

"Owing to time pressure that I was under, I don't feel that I took full advantage of the possibilities offered by the weekly discussions. I would have like to have had more interaction with participants, but just could not afford the time, and was often late with my input. I think I would have enjoyed this part of the course more if I had been under less pressure!"

"I learnt a lot of new things I did not even expect to. However there are some topics that I would have liked to work on."

"[The instructor] put a lot of work into the course and was an excellent facilitator!!!!!! Well done!!"

"The facilitator was excellent throughout the course, providing very constructive feedback to the participant save for the group assignments."

"Thank for the instructor's support and understanding. Always we received useful feedback and good information about how we can do the final project. The work was very well organized."

"[Instructor's name], your input was truly the high point of the course for me. Thank you so much, I learned a lot from all of your messages. How you managed to keep up with reading everything we wrote and responding so thoughtfully is beyond me!!!"

"The technical aspects were very well done. Course website and e-mail worked without problems."

"I sometimes had trouble accessing readings or posting messages. I appreciate [technical support's] prompt responses to my periodic cries of distress!"

"[The course] exceeded my expectations. Web-based learning is great and the course was very useful."

"This course was a great experience for me and many thanks to the team and to all participants."

"It was more difficult and more intensive then I expected. I learned a lot but I think all in all it was too much new content for me."

"Almost all of my expectations are met. There were a lot of important readings, practical exercises, important suggestions from the facilitator, which enabled me to get a general overview of evaluation and research."

"To a great extent my expectations were met."

"This course met my expectation at a high level because I learned new and useful things. Now I can use these in my work and I got a image concerning about how I can conceive my new projects and how I can make a good self evaluation and ask for an external evaluation also."

"[The course] met all of my expectations. It was interesting to have such a diverse group of participants and I think we all learned a lot from the course and each other."

"The course met my expectations. I learnt a lot and I appreciate the practical part of the course (exercises but also examples in literature). Some of the readings were really inspiring as well as participants' responses. In some topics I would prefer more in depth approach."

"I had some theoretical understanding about the content but had little exposure to the area. This training has furthered my confidence."

"I feel much more prepared to make a case for carrying out the evaluation, giving it a clear structure, and tackling the tasks involved in a realistic time frame. Prior to this course, I felt that we were "all over the place" in terms of our thinking about evaluation."

"I gained a lot of new and sophisticated knowledge and skills on research and evaluation and got more professional skills in research design and evaluation techniques."

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that I have learned in this course. The readings were great: precise and to the point, but what I have learned most from is the other participants answers and views and the wonderful way that you have summarized the points and given us advice each week. I will strongly recommend the HREA courses to others, and might even apply for another course myself at the HREA at some time. Now I really feel that I have a solid understanding of research methods that will be useful in many settings."

"The course definitely makes me more sensitive towards issues of participation of beneficiaries in all stages, sensitivity to possible biases and the wording in this respect. I will apply more analytical approach to my work and include formative evaluation more often."

"I think the course covered the right amount of topics, all were interesting and I really wouldn't change anything."

"Thank you - it was a hard but helpful time with my first e-learning course."

"I have told many about my positive experience and several of my colleagues are considering joining future research courses at HREA."

"Thank you for a challenging and worthwhile experience!"

"It's been really great--I have learned a great deal and will definitely be referring back to many of the readings to support my future work."

"Thanks to [instructor and facilitator] for coordinating this training and putting together your knowledge and skills that really helped us to build our capacities."

"Thanks for all the great work you are doing at HREA!"


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