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On-line forum on the Second Phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education

Cambridge, 16 June 2009 -- Today HREA started an on-line consultation on the Second Phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education (WPHRE) in order to determine the target sector and/or theme for the Second Phase, which will commence on 1 January 2010. The result of the forum will be an analytical report on progress made towards the achievement of the objectives of the First Phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education, including accomplishments, remaining shortcomings and needs, and recommendations for action for the Second Phase. HREA intends to submit a report on our on-line discussion to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, which is responsible for coordinating the World Programme.

HREA anticipates that this on-line forum will help to ensure broad input from civil society members and foster a common understanding and consensus about the direction of the human rights education (HRE) movement. The on-line forum will take place from 17 June-14 July 2009 and will have the following agenda for discussion:

17-23 June: Assessment of current phase of WPHRE
24-30 June: Target sector of new phase
1-7 July: Thematic area(s) of new phase
8-14 July: Strategies and proposed length of Second Phase

Every Wednesday a "facilitation" message will be posted with questions regarding that week's topic. HREA will summarise each week's discussion, which will be posted to the List in a "summary" message. These summaries will be the basis for a report that HREA will submit to OHCHR on behalf of Global HRE List membership.

On 10 December 2004, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the World Programme for Human Rights Education (2005-ongoing) to advance the implementation of human rights education programmes in all sectors. Building on the achievements of the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education (1995-2004), the World Programme seeks to promote a common understanding of the basic principles and methodologies of human rights education, to provide a concrete framework for action and to strengthen partnerships and cooperation from the international level down to the grass roots.

The World Programme is structured around an ongoing series of phases, the first of which covers the period 2005-2009 and focuses on the integration of human rights education into the primary and secondary school systems, intended as a comprehensive process touching upon policy and legislative measures, teaching and learning processes and tools, the learning environment and the education and professional development of teachers and other school personnel. This first phase was initially scheduled to end in 2007 but was extended until 31 December 2009.


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