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HREA's Director of Programmes new Chair of DARE Network

Berlin, 30 May 2009 -- Frank Elbers, HREA's Director of Programmes, was elected chairperson of the DARE Network. The DARE General Assembly elected a new Board during its annual meeting in Berlin on May 30th. The new Board will make membership development and sustainability (financial and otherwise) of DARE its main priorities. Frank already served on the Board of DARE from 2003-2006.

DARE is a Europe-wide network of NGOs and other organisations devoted to raising the profile of education for democratic citizenship (EDC) and human rights education (HRE), promoting transcultural and transnational cooperation, and enhancing the quality of education within these fields. DARE aims at achieving recognition, visibilitity and adequate resources for EDC and HRE as a core obligation for the formal and non-formal education systems throughout Europe. It was established in 2003.



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