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Second issue of 'Research in Human Rights Education Papers Series'

Cambridge, 30 September 2009 -- The second issue of the Research in Human Rights Education Papers Series has been published. The paper is a study on the impact of a nationwide human rights education curriculum in the framework of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project in Germany.

In 1980, the German Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) issued Recommendations for the integration of human rights education in primary and secondary schools. This paper evaluates the application of these recommendations based on a 1999-2000 study conducted in 43 schools with a total of 144 teachers and 2824 students. It covers the recommendations in all their aspects – the content objectives, the methods used, the holistic approach to human rights education appealing to students’ minds, emotions and actions as well as results and consequences – and it also correlates human rights education practice with socio-demographic variables. The findings show that while the UNESCO schools are more actively engaged in human rights education, their students objectively do not have more knowledge of human rights than those in regular schools. The data also show that emotion is the key to sustainable human rights education. Students who are emotionally involved in the subject and learn through emotion-oriented methods are inclined to become active for human rights. Moreover, subjects that can be tackled from an affective angle are more likely to have an effect on students’ behavior and effective human rights education.

Through the Research in Human Rights Education Papers Series HREA hopes to encourage more research on the impact of human rights education and make the results available to practitioners, academics and funders. In 2009 and 2010 HREA will publish five more papers, including a review of existing theory about human rights education and a case study on South Africa. Read further and download the research paper.



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Research in Human Rights Education Papers

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