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HREA and ICAP complete facilitator's manual for violence prevention education programme

Washington, D.C., 1 August 2009 -- A new life skills curriculum for youth that incorporates human rights within a violence-prevention and responsible alcohol consumption ethic was completed in July. HREA's role has been to provide ongoing technical advice and support for the project, in collaboration with the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP), a not-for-profit organisation, supported by major producers of alcohol beverages. The manual is available in both English and Spanish.

The key objectives of the Violence Prevention Education Programme are:

• to enhance understanding of the intersection between toxic masculinity and other unhealthy learned behaviors, such as interpersonal violence and problem drinking;
• to challenge, on the basis of international human rights law, assumptions about personal identity, gender roles, and power imbalances that lie at the root of much interpersonal violence and reckless behaviour;
• to empower young people and key persons in a position to protect them to prevent, avoid, and defend against violence and reckless behaviour;
• to foster in both potential targets and possible perpetrators of violence life skills that facilate respect for one's own dignity and human rights a well as the dignity and equal rights of others.

"We are thrilled to have brought the manual to this stage and for the first time we have a life skills curriculum that integrates a human rights approach within a violence prevention education programme", says HREA's Felisa Tibbitts, who has worked with ICAP and writers from Instituto Mexicano de Familia y Población (IMAFAP) on the project. Piloting of the facilitator's manual will be taking place in El Salvador and Kenya beginning in January 2010.



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