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2007 Testimonials - Course 8E: Introduction to Human Rights Education

What participants said about this course:

"I would say that this course served as an excellent introduction to HRE. It was not only packed with relevant and up-to-date information but also gave an opportunity to share their views on different relevant issues."

"I was very pleased with the organization of the course, the reading material and the overall set-up.  I felt the course met the expectations that it put forth in its course description."

"I thought the information provided to us was indeed very useful. In my view [the course] was useful for those without any knowledge, but also useful for those who have already been working on human rights or human rights education."

"This online course is my first online course. I think this course was very comprehensive and well organized. It was very knowledgeable on the theory and practices of human rights education."

"I also filled in an internal evaluation for [my organisation] about this course and my conclusion was that even more people should take this course in the future. Many thanks!"

"My main expectation was to learn more about human rights education in general and ways of applying it. These two main objectives were met!"

"Quite a lot of information and it provided me with a good platform to answer the weekly questions and to join the discussions."

"Thank you again. I will definitely consider taking another course with HREA.”

"The curriculum is very interesting and diversified. It met my needs, but maybe include more items on specific parts of the world, such as Latin America."

"This course was to me an incredible source of information and methods in teaching human rights. I hoped to learn a lot form all the participants when I saw their background and I was not disappointed. The instructor was also very positive, encouraging without interfering too much in the debates.”

"The weekly schedules really worked well. I particularly enjoyed the flexibility of being able to work when it suited me and in a manner that suited my needs - a rare treat. Learning on-line respects student’s different learning styles, so one feels empowered."

"The topics were significant and useful - provided helpful focus points Discussions were fascinating and added substantially to my learning. I enjoyed the staggered input. My curiosity makes me wonder how our group compared to previous ones."

"This was an excellent course. It is my intention to join another course offered by your institute in future.”

"I learnt a great deal about definitional issues relating to human rights education. Course is very helpful in acquiring knowledge and skills in the parameters dealt with above. As described above, a number of issues got clarified which are and will be helpful for application in my sphere of work."

"I think the course is very interesting! I learned a lot about HRE and now feel more comfortable to work in this field. The coursework also helped me formulate some key ideas related to my PhD thesis."

"The material was particularly helpful in providing me with ideas for active learning."

"It was just fantastic all the examples, methods, documentation available for this course. A goldmine of information!"

"Lesson learnt from the course will enhance my work as a Regional HRE Project Coordinator. The course content and materials will provide an added value to my training of trainers’ program and in developing annual work plans for the Project."

"Overall, the readings were interesting and helped me form new ideas and questions. The material is well written and researched."

"As an auditor, I appreciated access to the wealth of written materials/resources."

"Excellent readings! It did sometimes take a lot of time though."

"The course syllabus was an excellent model for teaching about HRE and all the resources/readings were very useful. Thanks!"

"I came from a different background than many of the participants. I learned a tremendous amount from other participants about the nature of HRE around the world and the challenges many human rights activists face.  It was an eye-opening experience."

"Just reading the posts from participants is a very valuable learning method. I did not participate to all discussions but enjoyed reading the posts."

"The weekly discussion was the backbone of the course in my opinion because it was the space for participants to share their knowledge, best practices and views in all the topics proposed. Moreover, participants had the chance to propose and animate their own discussion subject which is helpful for the ownership of the course by participants."

"I especially appreciated [the discussions] because it gave me an opportunity to know the participants better, and the amazing and important contributions they make to society."

"One of the most exciting aspects of this course was the opportunity to work with others in twenty-some different countries."

"I learnt a great deal regarding working on-line.The photos of participants linked to their comments and work really added a personal touch to the communication."

"It was great to read the weekly comments of others. It sometimes helped me to better understand the read literature. In addition, I enjoyed reviewing the final works of two other participants. It is very nice to see what others have done or are going to do based on this course."

"I liked the final peer review assignment because participants worked more directly together."

"My final project enabled me to review all of the material and bring it all together in a more meaningful way. Without this project I would not have been able to reflect and re-read the articles."

"I found [the instructor] to be professional at all times and very encouraging. I liked how she focused on positive experiences rather than negative."

"[The instructor] was terrific. I thought she did a nice job of focusing our work and the weekly summaries were very insightful."

"I would like to extend my special thanks to training staff, especially [the instructor] and [the facilitator] for their excellent jobs on human rights education. Also, I am interested to participate in further online courses and other HRE activities. I would be happy if you provided me with any opportunities in this field. All the best wishes for your wonderful job."

"The feedback was very helpful. I’m sure it was quite time-consuming to synthesize our various comments, but seeing it all pulled together helped me identify emerging themes among our comments."

"You do amazing work. I can’t imagine how you have time to run the course along with all of your other human rights activities. Thank you for your efforts, and I hope our paths cross again."

"I was impressed with [the instructor’s] capacity to synthesize our ideas every week. Her feedback was very interesting. Congratulations!"

"Online chat sessions provided an appropriate opportunity to think critically and share the views with other participants instantly."

"HREA did a fantastic job in terms of technical support! The website is very accessible and user-friendly."

"[The facilitator] was very helpful on a couple occasions when I had questions."

"I am planning to organize workshops on human rights organizations as well as monitoring and apply what I learnt throughout this course. Also we are visiting schools to talk to the students on human rights so the course has already been useful; especially the material on the classification of topics according to the age group of learners."

"I plan to incorporate much of the reading material into the course I teach on human rights. I also thought the course facilitator, the readings and the participants offered terrific ideas for teaching methods, such as discussion strategies."

"Human rights training and promotion activities are a main part of my job, including my research area. Therefore, I will integrate my knowledge, attitudes and information gained from the course. I will be revising the existing human rights education curriculum at the teacher training university in Mongolia. I am also developing a handbook on the topic. I hope that the course materials would be helpful for these works."

"At the beginning of the second semester, along with other members of the Peace Education Center at Bogazici University, we are planning to give some trainings to student trainers who work at the Community Service Club. They are planning to work with children in disadvantaged areas in Istanbul.  I will give them some training on Children’s Rights. Again at Bogazici University Department of Educational Sciences, a course on Curriculum Design for Peace Education will start in Fall 2008. The course will be taught by several instructors.  I will be teaching Curriculum Design for Human Rights Education for several weeks."


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