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2009 Testimonials - Course 2E: Human Rights Advocacy

What participants said about this course:

"I was looking for tools and strategies for advocacy, especially the way to involve right-holders. This course helped me in reaching that specific objective."

"The course met and sometimes exceeded my expectations."

"This course really helped me to understand more about advocacy."

"This was the first time I undertook an online course and found that it certainly met my expectations."

"I find I am still thinking through the course materials as I take on another, related HREA course, so I’m not done with it yet! On the whole I think it met my expectations well."

"The course completely met my expectations. The presented learning material was complete and described all aspects of human rights advocacy. I found particularly useful the various examples discussed both in the learning materials and also by the participants, as they helped me to better understand various topics, issues and techniques. Another very useful aspect of the course is that the learning material includes instructor’s notes, which gives the opportunity for the provision of further training and passing on the knowledge. This will be particularly useful for me in my future work as I could better discuss with my colleagues involved in advocacy efforts various techniques and methodologies and improve our work."

"[Course met expectations] rather well. Learnt a lot of details I wasn't really aware of. It put the process into a scheme."

"The course met my expectations well. The course materials provided many insights and strategic moments, and useful practical tools for advocacy planning."

"Can’t think of anything useful which would add to the course; maybe an expanded reference reading list."

"I think that the course is very well organized and do not have recommendations for further changes."

"I learnt some new techniques to identify and prioritize problems. There was always confusion to differentiate issues from problems which is solved now. Similarly, mapping advocacy strategies and forming coalitions are useful learning."

"I had issue with the pacing of topics – the large amount of reading on the second and third weeks left me way behind. Having said that I do realize that there was a need to get the basics in place and to allow for greater time on substantive issues later in the course."

"I thought the main course text was very good. What I would say is that it may be useful to provide an expanded reference list for further reading on the syllabus – I know [the instructor] provided some references for further reading throughout the course."

"Many participants contributed to the weekly discussion forums with their valuable field/practical experiences. The participants posted their ideas on the discussion forum and instructor provided collective feedback at the end. It was better if there was discussions/interactions between the participants too."

"I thought the weekly discussion was great – though I was way behind it actually helped me to ensure I didn’t skip through readings in the catch up. I probably spent less time reading other peoples contributions and so I got less out of this aspect of the forum."

"The written assignments have given opportunities to link the course with past experience."

"Comments from the facilitator was useful to review and examine my own thinking and logic."

"Some participants continuously contributed in the discussion forums, sharing their rich experiences from different cultures and different programmes. Thanks for sharing diverse experiences from different parts of the globe."

"[The instructor] was great – brought enthusiasm, experience and knowledge."

"Instructor's message were clear and timely. She tried to provide collective feedback on the discussion questions, citing the names of all the participants who contributed in the discussion forum. That encouraged me to post ideas in discussion forums."

"I would like to thank [the facilitator] for helping me with posting the [discussion forum] messages. Receiving forum posting in mail inbox helped me a lot to catch up with the course."

"I would like to thank the entire HREA team for giving me the opportunity to learn more on advocacy, a topic of great interest for me personally and professionally, and giving me the opportunity to learn more without having to interrupt my work and professional obligations. The course was very well organized and allowed me to follow up the learning process with great flexibility and in taking into consideration the various other obligations I had. I would like as well to thank particularly the instructor for the extremely interesting way of presenting the various topics, for the valuable guidance and comments provided throughout the course, which helped me to learn and understand better the topic, and for her great patience, professional approach and kindness. It was a great experience and I look forward to future opportunities to participate in trainings organized by HREA. Thank you."

"As a Capacity Building Officer, I was and am responsible to organise and facilitate trainings to many interest groups conducting advocacies in their diverse issues. We frequently receive requests from stakeholders and human rights defenders to assist them as a resource person to their training events including training on different human rights advocacy issues. This distance course has helped me in designing human rights training to different historically marginalised groups. Based on the learning from this course, I have designed and facilitated human rights trainings for three different groups: senior human rights defenders, a youth organisation, and a disabled organisation. The exercises, tips, checklists and examples has made easy to design training content from the reading materials."

"I develop and implement small projects (up to 1000 EUR) in the two municipalities where I work and have a budget of up to 10,000 EUR per year. These projects should raise awareness or build the capacity of the municipalities, and should also contain a human rights element. The course gave me some new ideas and approaches mainly to the awareness raising side of my projects."

"We plan to strengthen our advocacy department in Myanmar, focusing on the children’s rights. Organizational advocacy strategy will be set in the end of 2009, the learning from this course will be applied in strategic planning workshops and strategy paper itself."

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