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HREA and UPEACE Human Rights Centre start collaboration

San Josť, 20 April 2010 -- HREA and the Human Rights Centre of the UN mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) in Costa Rica have agreed to jointly offer short certificate courses via e-learning in order to expand both institutions' educational offerings.

HREA and HRC/UPEACE will offer the following courses in 2010:

Human Rights Centre @ UPEACE- Development and Human Rights: Implications for the Globalised World (17 May-27 June 2010
- International Refugee Law and Contemporary Challenges (26 May-6 July 2010)
- International Trade and Human Rights: Balancing the Act (14 June-25 July 2010)
- Environment and Human Rights (20 October-30 November 2010)
- Health and Human Rights (18 October-28 November 2010)
- International Refugee Law and Contemporary Challenges (11 October-21 November 2010)




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