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Permission to use, copy and distribute documents, graphics and photographs available from the Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) World Wide Web server is granted, provided that:

1. use of documents available from the HREA site is for informational and non-commercial purposes only;
2. no documents available on the HREA World Wide Web server are modified in any way.

Many materials in the Resource Centre section of this site are not expressly copyrighted due to the generosity of HREA's partners. We do encourage you to adapt materials for your own education and training purposes, yet expect you to acknowledge the source and author(s). Many of the materials reside on HREA's servers and thus HREA's copyright code of practice applies to them. However, please check the policies on documents that do not reside on HREA's servers; since we do not use frames the host URL of the documents and organisation are always displayed in the address/URL bar of your browser.

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by HREA.

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