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school children iconThe Portal for Human Rights Schools offers resources for schools, policy makers, educators, students, and individuals interested in the implementation of a human rights-based approach (HRBA) to schooling. A human rights-based approach to schooling is concerned with the organisation of learning so that it is reflective of human rights principles and promotes understanding and cherishing of the human rights framework.

The aims of this portal are:

  • to provide viewpoints on the theoretical underpinnings of the HRBA;
  • to present a range of HRBA practices that are emerging in schools worldwide;
  • to encourage "best practices" in the documentation and evaluation of HRBA by sharing resources dedicated to examining the most pressing issues in evaluating human rights education.

HREA recognises the flexible and evolving nature of HRBA and seeks to draw on a number of perspectives to show how the human rights-based approach to schooling can be implemented in a way that is sensitive to the cultural, social, economic, and political variants that are specific to each school.

Colouring crayons (source: Jorge Barrios)
HRBA's theoretical roots

Emerging practices

Approaches to human rights-based schooling

Case studies: Schools implementing the HRBA

Documentation and evaluation



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