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HREA Director keynote speaker at Human Rights Watch in Los Angeles

Felisa Tibbitts delivers keynote speech for Human Rights Watch at UCLA (Photo by Maya Myers)

Cambridge, 4 May 2008 -- HREA Director Felisa Tibbitts was the keynote speaker yesterday at the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force sponsored Human Rights Education Conference at UCLA. In her keynote address "Human Rights Education: What? Why? How?" she gave an overview of the history and current state of affairs in human rights education (HRE) both in the USA and internationally. Approximately fifty educators and HRE stakeholders were present at the workshop.

In her presentation Felisa shared statistics regarding the increase of human rights education in schools worldwide and the reasons for its importance in schooling including its emphasis on social justice (from the community level up to the global level) and a solution to school concerns such as bullying, the integration of minorities, xenophobia and complacent democratic participation.

In addition to sharing examples of human rights education in countries other than the U.S., Felisa shared with the Los Angeles educators the multi-faceted ways in which human rights principles might be integrated within schooling systems. These areas, based on the categories developed within the framework of the World Programme for Human Rights Education, are policies and laws; the learning environment of schools (including methodologies of instruction); curriculum; the professional development of educators; and evaluation and assessment.

Her keynote presentation was followed by a hands-on session with educators on how to promote a city-wide strategy for HRE in schools and teacher training colleges. Human Rights Watch will be forming sub-committees in order to support follow-up at the policy level as well as in teaching practices.

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